New Jersey’s municipal court are statutory courts with the responsibility of managing motor vehicle traffic violations. If you plead not guilty to a traffic offense, you and all of the witnesses will be placed under oath for testimony. Your attorney has the right to ask the prosecution’s witnesses questions, and the prosecutor must prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. If you plead guilty, you wave your right to a trial. You can explain the circumstances of your case to the judge, and then the judge will impose sentence. When you feel that a judgment was in error, you have 20 days to file an appeal.

Traffic Violations in NJ: Attorney Natalia Diaz

If you break traffic laws in the state of NJ, you may face driver license suspension, revocation, fines and even imprisonment. Traffic violations are tracked by the Motor Vehicle Department using a point system. Points are not assessed for parking violations but are added for moving violations. For example, failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk will garner two points, and racing on a highway will get you five points. Driving under the influence is a serious offense and carries heavy penalties, including fines, license suspension, jail time, community service and ignition interlock device. Getting points may increase your insurance premiums.

Fighting Traffic Tickets in NJ

If you prefer to fight a traffic violation in NJ, it’s wise to hire an experience traffic attorney like Natalia Diaz. She’ll let you know if you have any grounds. Plus, she help you gain access to any evidence during discovery. Avoid fines and fees, insurance increases, and possible suspension of your drivers’ license with her legal assistance. With experience in traffic court and an in-depth knowledge of traffic law, attorney Natalia Diaz gives you an edge in the courtroom. She will listen to the details of your situation, analyze your legal position and provide a definitive course of action. She may be able to have the ticket dismissed or reduced based on your good driving record. Of course, if you’re facing more serious charges like a DUI or reckless driving, you’ll definitely want to have her in your corner. She has strong relationships with the prosecutors and will plea bargain for the best deal. This option is helpful in limiting fines and jail penalties.

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