A divorce can wreak emotional havoc on the entire family, including both young and older children. Typically, couples are emotionally charged during a divorce. It’s just the nature of close relationships that go awry. Whatever the reason for your divorce, attorney Natalia Diaz provides emotional support for her clients and advises clients of all the legal options. Her goal is to do what’s best for the family.

Mediation and Collaborative Law: Alternative Divorce Resolution Strategies

Both mediation and collaborative law are less adversarial than settling divorce-related issues in family court, and attorney Natalia Diaz is a strong legal advocate of both options. The mediation process entails a series of meetings facilitated by a neutral third party. This party assists couples with identifying the conflicted issues and coming up with their own negotiated solutions. During the mediation process, attorney Natalia Diaz helps clients prepare for the meetings, acts as a legal coach and carefully evaluates any proposed agreements.

Collaborative divorce is another method of alternative dispute resolution in family law. The attorneys for both sides agree to assist clients in resolving conflicts by using cooperative techniques instead of adversarial strategies and litigation. The divorcing parties and their attorneys enter into a participation agreement where it is agreed if a settlement cannot be achieved, the lawyers will not pursue litigation. Basically, the lawyers’ involvement is limited to settlement negotiations.

Child Custody, Child Support and Parenting Plans

Attorney Natalia Diaz helps clients understand the different types of child custody, such as legal, physical and joint. She can also help you file a petition for a specific category of child custody. She also advises clients about the state guidelines for child support. Often, the court will require divorcing parents to write up a formal parenting plan. This plan outlines visitation for holidays and summers along with schooling and health care. Attorney Natalia Diaz assists clients in the drafting of parenting plans.

Family Court Trial

While going to court is often the last recourse, attorney Natalia Diaz is prepared to battle it out in the courtroom when alternative divorce resolution strategies don’t work. She will present a strong case and argue on your behalf for child custody, distribution of assets and other conflicting issues surrounding your divorce. When needed, she will have expert witnesses give testimony on your behalf, including school psychologists and teachers.

If you’re considering a divorce, turn to Natalia Diaz for the best legal advice and representation.